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      JG offers a prompt and extensive drainage service to suit individual needs with our specialist technicians.

      About Drainage Services

      JG have scouted experienced technicians who provide an affordable, dependable and friendly drainage service in London and across the UK. These services include drain clearances, drainage repairs and CCTV inspections.

      We endeavour to provide the best customer service to ensure we leave our customers content and relieved.

      JG are accredited with the RSPH, and our services extend to rodent examinations and proofing when needed. Often, rodent infestations are due to poor drainage systems so therefore we can provide a service within our company to diminish the pest issue with one of our accredited Pest Control Technicians, as well as solving the drainage problems to prevent further infestations.

      Our Service

      CCTV Inspections

      With the digital market industry growing, we have the most efficient and current CCTV equipment to enable us to carry out inspections of your drainage systems linking to your property.

      Our inspections can be exhaustive but not inclusive of blockages and rodent issues to name a few but most of all we will accommodate your requirements. Our CCTV equipment will be able to identify issues within the drain structure such as a collapsed or failed drainage system as well as identifying where blockages are.

      Our inspections will use a pressured jet to push through and resolve any blocked drains enabling us to complete a full survey which will be provided to yourself after the inspection. As we are a competitive company, we always offer the most cost effective but efficient resolution.

      CCTV Inspections

      Drain Cleaning & Blockages

      We use a pressured jet along with probing rods to clean any drainage system, whether it be a blockage or precautioned maintenance, we can solve the issue and be sure to have a functioning drain.

      Having problems with roots or general maintenance of drains? We can provide descaling and root removal service to help prevent future drain blockages, no matter the size of the job.

      Drain Cleaning

      Rodent Examinations & Proofing

      JG is renowned for dealing with any pest control issues across the UK which combines two issues together to enable a stress-free resolution for our customers. We specialise in examinations of drains whereby our qualified technicians will be able to determine if rodents are in the drainage system due to poor facilities.

      In circumstances where there have been broken drains or incomplete pipes rodents will be able to find a way into the property which will then cause an infestation. This can also lead to property damage as rodents tend to contaminate and ruin internal electrical wires.

      If the problem is noticed early on, we can use our CCTV equipment to examine the drainage system to enable the best possible solution for you. Whether this be repairing a broken drain or installing rodent flaps, we will ensure you will have a fully functional drainage system.

      Rodent Examination


      Drainage & Manhole Reconstruction

      The first process which needs to be completed is trying to identify the cause of the problem. Once this has been identified, our qualified technicians will be able to repair or install quality material.

      JG carry onboard experience of collapsed drains whereby the drainage system is damaged causing it to cave in and lining issues with general wear and tear where it has been broken down. We would use the following procedure to ensure that we repair and reconstruct the broken-down drainage.

      Manhole Check
      • Carry out initial analysis of where the leak is appearing from and what could possibly be the cause.
      • We would apply the exploratory excavation process which consist of digging up the surface once a cause has been found to have direct access to the damaged drainage, thus causing a leak.
      • Lastly, the issue will be resolved whether it will be a patch work repair or installing a whole new drainage system to prevent further complications.

      In addition to this we are able to repair and replace manhole chambers to accommodate your requirements.

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