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      Rat Control Devon

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      Alongside the health risks and damage rats can cause to your home, they breed at an exceptionally high rate.

      If you spot one, it’s unlikely they’re alone, so rat removal services should be sought after quickly.

      Please view our information video on rodents.

      Rat Removal Devon

      The two main species of rats causing problems are the black rat (Rattus rattus) and the, more common, brown rat (Rattus norvegicus). Whilst either continues to find food and shelter, it will happily inhabit and breed in your home, so it’s important the problem isn’t ignored.

      Professional rat control is the quickest way to eradicate rodents, as they’re instinctive and often sense when DIY measures, like traps and bait, are implemented. JG Pest Control offer rat removal services throughout Devon. Our expert treatment prevents damage to your home and stops harmful diseases spreading.

      Rats gnaw through wire, wood, plastic and even mild steel. To avoid rodents causing extensive damage to your home, call Devon based rat removal service JG Pest control on 0203 733 4282

      JG’s Rat Removal Service

      Our rat removal teams cover the Devon area and offer a superior service, which includes:

      Surveys: Our technician surveys reveal areas of activity and potential rat access points.

      Control and Eradication: We use various targeted, professional eradication techniques, including physical and stick pad trapping; the latest grain, wheat and pasta baits; and contact poisons.

      Proofing: We will block off rodent access points, often found around pipes, air vents and other holes. Materials, such as wire-wool, mesh, specialist concrete fillers and sealants, are used to prevent the problem recurring in the foreseeable future.

      Guaranteed rat control: All of our services come with an above industry standard guarantee.


      Emergency Rat Control Services, call 01392 797013

      Health Risk

      Rats can pose severe health risks, spreading sickness and parasites through their droppings, urine and hair. They also have a nasty bite, so if you see one, steer clear and call in professionals.

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